MYTM to Launch Pakistan’s First Social Networking and E-commerce Application

MYTM, is a Pakistan-based mobile application network that launched its Beta version in July 2019. It is one of Pakistan’s first platforms equally providing social networking services, e-commerce services, and a communication module under one umbrella. We are now launching the application for the general public. In the market of eventually increasing 47.2 million mobile banking accounts, MYTM is aiming to add the features of fin-tech solutions and e-wallet services in the near future for the people of Pakistan. MYTM’s vision is to establish a culture of QR-based scanning and purchasing, covering minimal to high-scale transactions. In near future, MYTM users will be able to make purchases using a simple QR code scanning. QR code will be available on every shop, vendor, and outlet. MYTM is working on the concept of paperless currency where every single payment is made via QR, deducting and adding amount from application to application. This application offers social media integration for users to interact, staying updated with the latest happenings locally and globally at one digitally connected platform. Through the MYTM Chat feature you may interact either in-person or in groups. It is a safe, easy & user-friendly chat module. MYTM messages are encrypted using proprietary end-to-end encryption mechanism (LIME Tech) and ensure the reliability of user upon security and privacy. MYTM is providing the best user-friendly application to its customers, which includes air ticket booking, tours, bus, cinema, and event ticket booking. MYTM as a company offers a variety of local, international, religious, and spiritual tours through its subsidiary company “MYTM Travels”. It offers prepared packages as well as customized tours.