Payments through API (Demo with Postman)

POST generate checkout link for make payment
Accept application/json
Content-Type application/json
BODY formdata
Key Value Type Description
private_key ************************************************ text Private key provided by MyPay for Authentication.
currency PKR text Currencyin which payments are taken.
purpose Ticket Price text Purpose of payment.
amount 1000 text Amount to collect.
order_id 23 value Order id against the order payment will deduct.
fallback_url value Url to redirect after payment.
customer_name Hussain Shah text Name of customer who is paying.
phone_no 03468780000 text Phone no of customer.
address_1 Lahore text Address of customer.
is_fallback 1 text Fall back Url will be required on this flag.

In body add private_key,order_id,currency,is_fallback,url,amount as key and their values from the credentials of merchant profile.

Checkout Page:

Success Response:


Postman Documentation: